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Program Overview:

Our Development Team is for athletes aspiring to make the Travel Team. These athletes demonstrate the potential to earn a spot on a travel team roster and need more time to refine their skills.

Development Teams are selected at Travel Team Tryouts.

There are two Development Teams named each year:


2022 Development Team:

Selected at Shooting Star Thanksgiving Tryouts in August

This team trains with the Travel Team from Aug-Nov and prepares for the 2023 Travel Team tryouts.


2023 Development Team:

Selected at 2023 Travel Team Tryouts in October

This team trains in tandem with the Travel Team from Dec-May. Depending on the age group, this team may be preparing for a Travel Tournament.


Training Format:

The goal of Development Team program is to bridge the gap between Travel Team players and players who aspire to make the Travel Team. The training program consists of 1-2x practices per week. Practices are often combined with the travel team to give coaches a chance to continuously evaluate Development Team players against the top travel players and give development team players a chance to play against the highest competition in the state.

Development Team players can be called up to the Travel Team at any point during the year at the discretion of the Colorado Bears Coach Staff.


Age Groups:

2023 Development Team Age Groups are based on the USAFH Age Eligibility Calendar: 


2009, 2010+


2007, 2008


2004, 2005, 2006



We practice predominantly at the following locations: Kent Denver School & Colorado Academy. Please check the website calendar for specifics.



All players are required to have

  • field hockey stick
  • mouth guard
  • shinguards / tall socks
  • turf shoes or cleats (or indoor court shoes for indoor season)
  • water bottle
  • reversible Colorado Bears pinnie (purchase at check out or can use one from a previous season)

The Registration "Colorado Bears Development Teams" is not currently available.